Our mission

Stockholm International Swimming Club is a community of expats based in Stockholm, Sweden who love swimming! We exist to provide the best learning experience possible, specifically tailored to adult beginners. We wish to share our expertise with you; and to inspire you to learn how to swim, either from scratch or improve your techniques of breaststroke.

Our mission is to teach adults swimming. We teach students with an international background, who have possibly never lived near water, never learned swimming as children, or who simply now wish to overcome a previous fear of water. We teach students more than simply a sport to enjoy, but a fundamental life skill that may save them one day, and techniques they may even pass on to their children.

Why should you join us?

Reason #1: International team of students & coaches

We have incredible students, with incredible lives: many are scientists or professionals who have come to Sweden for career purposes. Accordingly, your class peers will be some of the most highly educated people globally; successful individuals invited to Sweden to assist our corporations and our country. Our students come from all over the world: India, China, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, USA, Israel, India, Romania, Spain and many more countries.

We are extremely proud to attract such high-calibre students, who inspire us not only in their professional lives but through their courage and dedication to train with us in their spare time in order to achieve a personal goal.

Our coaches too all have an international background with extensive water experience – as life guards, swimming teachers, competitive swimming and more. Some of them are also scientists and engineers by day. How cool is that?

Reason #2:  Our pools

Our teaching environments have been carefully selected to meet requirements that are unique to adult beginners. The environment is warm, safe and secure enough to encourage students who may have sensitivity or fear of the water, to best facilitate learning. This is often very different to the experience of a public pool, a realisation made by our co-founders who experienced these difficulties while coaching adult beginners in 2015. SSIC was founded after they realised that better teaching conditions and tailored methods could dramatically improve adult learning, and accordingly we are very pleased to offer this experience in the Haga Health Club.

Reason #3: Small groups

Our teaching methods include semi-individual coaching with low classnumbers (balancing 2 coaches between a maximum of 5 students. This ratio enables SSIC to give adult beginners the personal attention and safety needed, to develop new skills in the dynamic environment of water. Furthermore low numbers allow personal feedback and the ability to customise each lesson according to student and group needs, as their water familiarity and skills progress. Furthermore, we provide 1 hour lessons beyond the standard 45 minutes usually offered, because we find the additional 15 minutes provides enormous growth, and maximises our students’ time efficiency.

Reason #4: We help you reach your goals as fast as you can

Our courses are intensive: the most popular course in our school for beginners lasts 3 weeks. We recognise that some students often live far from the venue, or have additional commitments, and so it is important to learn fast. We also support and encourage students to practice the techniques provided in the course in private pools, should the feel motivated, in order to enhance their skill progression. In addition, we are proud to see that over half of our beginners elect to do a “Continuation” course for further skill development, which we feel is an endorsement of success.

Reason #5: We teach in English

Courses are taught in English and catered predominantly for international workers. While swimming is mandatory in Swedish schools, the majority of our students are from countries where learning to swim is often not prioritised. Additionally, many of our students have not lived close to water and subsequently did not learn to swim as children.

Bonus reason: We are a not-for-profit organisation

Our prices are based on solely covering pool & equipment expenses, our administration costs and salaries of our amazing coaches. We are registered in Sweden as ‘Ideel förening Stockholm International Swimming Club’. Organisation number: 802497-6923.

Since 2018 we are also participating in the VIDA project of Stockholm Municipality, where we help with integration of new members of Swedish society and teaching those who can’t afford it a life-saving saving skill of swimming for free.

We are very pleased to state that with our high-level coaches, our tailored methods and specific learning environment, it’s never too late to learn and it really is possible to become a confident and happy swimmer!

Be brave and start learning now! We will dedicate ourselves to help you.

Everyone starts at the beginning, and we aim to have you swimming after 6 lessons! You won’t be an exception!