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Stockholm International Swimming Club is a community of expats based in Stockholm, Sweden who love swimming! We exist to provide the best learning experience possible, specifically tailored to adult beginners. We wish to share our expertise with you; and to inspire you to learn how to swim, either from scratch or improve your swimming technique.

Why choose us


We teach in English! Focus only on your swimming and not on mastering another language. Furthermore, our students and coaches come from all over the world, which makes an incredibly fun community to join.

Small groups

Our teaching methods include semi-individual coaching with low class numbers (balancing 2 coaches between a maximum of 5 students. This ratio enables SSIC to give adult beginners the personal attention and safety needed.


We help you reach your goals as fast as you can. Over the years we developed an intensive program for teaching adults how to swim from scratch over 3 weeks.

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Our Blog

Winter Swimming in Sweden

Do you know how to swim? Are you looking for a new experience in Sweden? We have a nice idea for you! Winter swimming can be super exciting challenge full of fun. Health Benefits of Winter Swimming …

Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers 2019
Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers 2019

With Christmas right around the corner, the all-too-familiar “holiday gift” anxiety is increasing as well. Questions like What in the world should I get them? Will they like my present? start running …

Burkinis 101
Burkinis 101

Many of our students have come to us with questions about modest swim attire for Muslim women, including What kind of swimwear exists for Muslim women? Where can I find these? What do they cost?, etc.…

New start in the water. Two stories from our new graduates.
New start in the water. Two stories from our new graduates.

Ny början i vattnet. Två berättelser från våra studenter This year we are participating in TIA Stockholm (Early integration for asylum seekers in Stockhlom) with WATERSTART project and we hav…

Our first Swimrun!
Our first Swimrun!

On July 13th, coach Saima and I (coach Milla) got to participate in our first ever Swimrun competition! Here’s a little bit of background for those of you who haven’t heard of swimrun competitions…

Our coaches at Swim Open Stockholm
Our coaches at Swim Open Stockholm

On Saturday, Coach Saima and I (Milla Holmen)got the chance to spectate the Swim Open Stockholm competition, which was the third leg of the Nordic Swim Tour. The Nordic Swim Tour is a three weekend lo…

Our credentials

We are an NGO (Ideell förening) Stockholm International Swimming Club. Organization number: 802497-6923

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PILGATAN 11, 112 23, Stockholm .

Cancellation policy

We require 14 days cancellation notice prior to the scheduled course start. We count on your assistance when we arrange the groups (your spot could be taken by another person), Read more.

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