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Our story

Anna K. Lindegren and Oxana Lundström have always loved to swim. They met through the student sports association at Stockholm University (SSIF). During their time at SSIF they met many international students that were new to swimming. In their experience at the club, lessons were held in public pools with large groups, often making it difficult for tailored individual attention. Not only that, waiting lists were long and the club only catered to students.

In 2015 they decided to start their own swimming school, Stockholm International Swimming Club. Their goal? To share their love of swimming and create a community of like-minded expats.

The club quickly grew from several members in the first year to 140 in 2022. Today, SISC has a team of 9 dedicated swim instructors who teach beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers in the pool and the open water. SISC has also been involved in an outreach program financed by the County Administrative Board in Stockholm with the aim to teach swimming to asylum seekers. More than 200 participants have learned to swim with SISC through the Vattenstart program.