Cancellation policy

Cancel your registation

We require 14 days cancellation notice prior to scheduled course start.

Please, be comprehensive, we count on your assistance when we arrange the groups (your spot could be taken by other person), we book the swimming pool and we schedule the work of our coach.

If you cancel your participation less than 14 days from course start the payment will still have to be made. If you have an urgent matter, please contact your Insurance company for compensation.

Class Absence Policy

What If I Need to Miss Class? You can have one additional class later.

Please write us in case you miss a class, we arrange your assistance in another available group. If it is last class of the scheduled course, and all other courses are finished the same time, you still can come when the next course starts, but just be aware, that it can be one month later.

Please, remember, that you can only have one class extra, so please, put attention when you plan something.