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Christmas is coming and here is a great chance to help yourself by helping others.

This mentor program is for you if you wish to help asylum seekers by spending time together in one of the swimming pools in the Stockholm area. We are standing for the pool entrance costs for both of you and your kids.

Stockholm Int Swimming Club has a Vattenstart project, where we teach asylum seekers to swim. This project is supported by Länsstyrelsen Stockholm.  Now we want to match you will asylum seekers who took swimming lessons in our club before via the Vattenstart project.

They did great as you once did, they overcame their fear and learned to swim. But swimming is a skill that requires practice. And asylum seekers are usually very limited in resources, friends, and good company to go swimming. You can be the person who accompanies them to the pool and have a nice swim together.

What will you do? 

After your application, we match you with an asylum seeker, so you can contact each other and decide on what dates and what pool you will go to. You can:

  • have 2-3 meetings with each other.
  •  have your children with you if you wish, we have some asylum seekers coming with their kids as well.
  • choose any public pool in the Stockholm area.

Pool entrance payment rules:

You pay first for yourself and for the asylum seeker’s entrance to the pool. Send a picture of the receipt to We pay you money back within 48 hours.

Be a swimming mentor  – it is the perfect way to support others in swimming and enjoy the time.

OBS! It is not a swimming class, you are not supposed to teach your mentees swimming,  just spend nice time together in the pool, exchange swimming tips and experiences.


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