Swimming Сard

kr 250.00kr 5,000.00

A card for swimming lessons in our club

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Buy Swimming Card now — have swimming lessons later!

Swimming cards are available for different amounts – from 250 to 5000 SEK. The amount from your Swimming Card will be used for full or partial payment for the course you choose.

With this card, you will be able to take swimming lessons at SISC throughout 2021!

While making an order, you can specify which course you are interested in — and when the course will be open, we will inform you immediately! Then you will be able to register for the course.

Wonder what courses we have to offer? Please check this page!

It is also possible to make a Gift Swimming Card for your friend or relative!

If you want to give someone an opportunity to have private swimming lessons from one of our great coaches or participate in a group course, this is a great way to do that! Just buy a Swimming Card and while making an order, mention in notes that this is a gift, and write the name of the recipient. We will soon send you a beautiful gift certificate for swimming lessons!


250, 450, 650, 1300, 2550, 3600, 5000


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