WATERSTART: Open Water Safety Camp for Asylum Seekers

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6 lessons of 1 hour, Smedsuddsbadet

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WATERSTART for asylum seekers

If you are seeking asylum in Sweden, come and swim with us! We offer FREE Open Water Safety Camp for you!

Knowledge about open water safety is extremely important for those who live in Sweden. Stockholm is surrounded by water,  water activities are very popular. People spend a lot of their time near lakes and see, but do they all know how to do it in a safe way? If you want to learn the basics of open water safety, this camp is for you! Our coaches will teach you how to behave and how to swim in the open water in a safe way.

You will learn new skills in a friendly and nice environment, we will help you to start to use some Swedish language in an easy-going atmosphere. The best students will have a chance to be hired as the coach´s assistant. Just look at our stories HERE

Open Water Swimming Camp is for you:

  • you want to know more about safety in the open water
  • you are just starting your path in the open water
  • you want to learn how to swim safely in the open water

Our Open Water Safety Camp consists of 5 training 1 hour each and one theoretical seminar about safety in the open water.

WHEN: 19th — 28th August

WHERE: Smedsuddsbadet, Kungsholmen (Smedsuddsvägen, 112 35 Stockholm)

We will go through the basics of behavior in the open water in Sweden and starting from the theory and the shore exercises, eventually venture on short swims. We will improve on our breaststroke technique — the most important swimming stoke for your safety in the water. But also get to try some crawl basics.


  • 19th August, Wednesday, 16:00 — Seminar about safety in the open water
  • 20th August, Thursday, 16:00 — Training 1
  • 21st August, Friday, 16:00 — Training 2
  • 26th August, Wednesday, 16:00 — Training 3
  • 27th August, Thursday, 16:00 — Training 4
  • 28th August, Friday, 16:00 — Training 5
We swim in any weather, getting used to the Swedish summer can be tough but rewarding!

OBS! You will get a wetsuit from us for the course! When you register, please provide your size!

IMPORTANT: When you register provide your LMA card number or other proof that you have asylum status in Sweden.

You are also entitled to compensation for your transport costs from Migration Services.

We strongly encourage female asylum seekers to join us, we will do our best you to feel comfortable.

Please, tell your friends or people who can be interested!


Vår verksamhet innefattar simkurser för asylsökande från 16 år.

Genom att delta i våra kurser hjälper vi dem att integrera i det nya samhället: använda kollektivtrafiken, träffar andra människor med gemensamt intresse, få kompisar, vana för en naken miljö där simhallen är en trygg plats och samtidigt förbättra sin hälsa. Efter varje kurs kommer vi att erbjuda de två bästa studenterna jobb som simlärarassistenter. 

Idrott och föreningsliv som ett sätt att komma in på arbetsmarknaden ganska snabbt och förbättra sina språkkunskaper. I slutet av varje kurs erbjuds bästa studenter jobb som simlärareassistent för nästa kurs samt vidare utbildning i HLR, simning och träningslära, vatten säkerhet och livräddning.


VIKTIGT: När du registrerar sig, skriv ditt LMA kort nummer eller annat bevis att du är asylsökande.

In collaboration with

Open Water Safety Camp

16:00, 19th – 28th August

5 reviews for WATERSTART: Open Water Safety Camp for Asylum Seekers

  1. E. Gantsetseg

    hej ! jag är asylsökande nu ,jag vill anmälla det kursen hur ska anmälla dig ? tack

    • Evgenia Kozlova

      Hej! Jag skriver dig via Mail!

  2. E.Gantsetseg

    hej ! jag är asylsökande nu ,jag vill anmälla det kursen hur ska anmälla dig ? tack

  3. Thagendra thapa


    • Evgenia Kozlova

      Hi! I have sent you email!

  4. Fatih Mohammed

    Kära Herr / Fru! Jag är en asylsökande nu, jag vill naturligtvis registrera den. Hur ska du söka tack? Jag vill delta i sessionen i december
      18, 12: 00-13: 00 Tack.

  5. Mutagaya Denis

    Hi Stockholm Swimming Club! I thank you for the great opportunity given to me. Today I have swum fifty metres of breaststroke am I’m beginning to be Friends with water now. Really, it has been fun it has taken a whole lot of stress from me! I thank the two coaches, they have done great work and I have made friends too from the group.

    I salute you everyone at Stockholms Swimming Club and am really grateful to make it possible for me to learn swimming and I will take any opportunity with open arms to improve my skill. One more time a very big thank you!

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