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Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers 2019

Christmas gift for swimmer

With Christmas right around the corner, the all-too-familiar “holiday gift” anxiety is increasing as well. Questions like What in the world should I get them? Will they like my present? start running through our minds, causing unneeded stress during the holiday season. However, with this Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers, I hope to present simple solutions to your gift-giving worries!

#1 A perfect pair of goggles and a swim cap

Two swimming essentials! Goggles and swim caps can easily be purchased from sports stores around Stockholm, such as Stadium, XXL, Intersport, and Decathlon. For a wider variety, check out Sweden’s largest online sports store, Sportamore.

#2 Gift card for swimming lessons with us!

What better way to show your appreciation for a friend than by gifting them the opportunity to obtain some lifelong skills?! Our gift cards can easily be purchased online on our website.  You can choose the value of the giftcard, and allow your friend or relative to receive private swimming lessons from one of our great coaches or participate in a group course.

#3 Towels

Can you really have too many towels? I really recommend microfiber sports towels, which are very compact and allow you to dry off very efficiently and easily. They can be found at Decathlon in several different colors and sizes, all around an affordable price of 25-125 SEK!

#4 Swim bags/backpacks

One of my personal favorite Christmas gifts from my childhood was a pink Speedo backpack. With over 35L of storage space and even a wet bag pouch to store wet swimsuits and towels without drenching the rest of my clothes, this bag became a necessity for everyday swim practice. You can purchase these types of bags online, on Speedo’s international website.

# 5 Tickets to Swim Open Stockholm 2020

This is a swim competition that takes place every spring in Stockholm, and features world-class swimmers competing in exciting events. To read about my experience at Swim Open Stockholm 2019, check out our previous blog post. The event will take place on April 3-6, 2020, and one-day tickets can already be purchased for only 200 kr (or 4 day tickets for 600kr). For more info and to buy tickets, visit the Swim Open Stockholm Website. This gift is perfect for the most passionate swim enthusiasts, and definitely an event you WON’T want to miss!

Happy holidays from the SISC team!

Our coaches at the annual Xmas dinner

Written by: Coach Milla


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