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Stockholm International Swimming Club turns 5

This year, Stockholm International Swimming Club is celebrating its 5th anniversary which we celebrated in style with part of the team at Stallmästaregården just on the outskirts of Stockholm, close to where we’ve been running open water swimming sessions. We had a delicious lunch in the lovely weather, catching up and sharing great ideas for the future. And everyone appreciated the swim-inspired cake!

Our history

In the summer of 2015, Anna Lindegren and Oxana Lundstöm started offering swimming classes in a small group in English, which marked the start of the swimming club. Today, Stockholm International Swimming Club employs 14 people and teaches more than 200 students per year!

Oxana Lundström and Anna Lindegren in July 2015

Today Stockholm International Swimming Club is a community of expats based in Stockholm, Sweden who love swimming. And our mission is mission is the same as always: to teach adults swimming.

We have incredible students from all over the world: India, China, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Israel, India, Romania, Spain the US and many more countries. And our team of coaches includes people with an international background and extensive water experience, everything from lifeguards, swim instructors, competitive swimmers and triathletes, not to mention some of our former students who have joined us as assistant coaches thanks to our Vattenstart program.

Since 2019, we’ve been offering free swimming courses for asylum seekers through our Vattenstart program in collaboration with Länsstyrelsen Stockholm. The students learn important swimming skills in a friendly environment where they can start using their Swedish. Equally importantly, the program offers them a way to integrate more easily into Swedish society and even have the chance to be hired as assistants to our coaches and thus get their foot into the Swedish labor market. You can read some of their success stories here

We’re so proud of the great team we have and we’re looking forward to the next 5 years and beyond!

Oxana Lundström and Anna Lindegren in July 2020. Oxana is now a mom of three and Anna is expecting in October.

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