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Winter Swimming Workshop with Coach Molly

Looking for a way to take your swimming to a new level? Then join us for a Winter Swimming Workshop with Coach Molly at Nacka Strand!

When: 13 March 2021

Where: Dock at Hotel J, Nacka Strand (Baltic Sea). Hotel J, Ellensviksvagen 1, 131 52 Nacka Strand, then go down the stairs to the water.

Time:  10:00-11:00

Requirements: Ability to swim at least 50 m

Price: 100 SEK (the cost of annual SISC membership)

All winter swimming is at your own risk. lf you have heart problems or any serious health issues, consult your physician.

How to register:

This event is for members only. If you’ve already paid for a course or Ice Safety Workshop in 2021, then you’re already a member of our club since the membership fee is included in the price of our swimming lessons.

If you’re a member, just contact us and we’ll register you for the workshop.

If you’re not a member yet, just buy a membership here and let us know in the notes that you’d like to join us at the winter swimming workshop.

Don’t miss your chance – there are only 6 spots available!

What you’ll need:

Wear a regular winter hat, gloves, socks and wetsuit or bathing suit (or try swimming with both). Neoprene socks and gloves are optional but make a huge difference by keeping hands and feet warm. You’ll also need a towel to stand on, towel for drying off, changing robe (optional) and lots of warm clothes to put on afterwards (silk or wool long johns, sweatpants, etc.).

What to expect:

An exciting experience! This isn’t a swimming lesson per se, but more of an experience – the chance to feel the thrill of immersing your body in cold water. In a bathing suit, you can expect to be in the water for a few seconds or so. In a wetsuit, you can probably stay in longer. The dock has a ladder and the water is shallow, so you’ll be able to stand if needed.

We’ll cover the basics of winter swimming and safety in cold water. Then everyone will have a chance to take a dip or two.

We follow FHM guidelines and this outdoor event is Covid-19 friendly (limited to 6 participants and 2 coaches). We hope the only thing you catch is a love of winter swimming!

Best of all, cake and tea/coffee will be served!

Get inspired by watching Coach Molly at her first winter swim here

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