Sports Activities During Coronavirus Outbreak: Health Authorities’ Recommendations

Physical activity is good for public health, so people should continue participating in sports. That’s what the Public Health Agency of Sweden says. Swimming pools and gyms remain open in the country, but exercising outdoors is preferred.

However, it’s important for everyone to act responsibly. Here are some basic recommendations for those who continue sports activities:

  • Anyone who is sick, even with mild symptoms, should not participate in activities at all, but stay at home for up to two days after recovery.
  • People over the age of 70 should not participate in group activities indoors. Moving is important for the health of elderly persons, and walking outdoors is recommended.
  • Avoid close contact while exercising, choose other exercises instead.
  • Do not share water bottles, mouthguards and other things that can contain saliva.
  • Make sure there is the possibility of handwashing or using antiseptics.
  • Avoid crowds.

Our team follows these recommendations and asks our students to follow them as well. To make our lessons safer, we have decided to take a pause in the new group courses until the 1st of May. We believe that in the current circumstances individual lessons are the best way to learn how to swim. You can book your individual lessons here.

The current situation is a perfect time for dreaming about the summer though! It’s difficult to plan any trips, but you can have a fantastic swimming staycation in Stockholm. Check out our Open Water Safety Camp. Swimming in open water for beginners. Early bird prices now!

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2 thoughts on “Sports Activities During Coronavirus Outbreak: Health Authorities’ Recommendations”

  1. Rita Mansukhlal Kotecha


    I am 51 Years old and 150 cm tall. I have never tried swimming. I am very afraid. Is there a possibility that I can book indvidual classes in English.

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