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Summer 2020 at SISC: Loads of activities, plenty of fun

2020 has been a challenging year, but despite this, the summer was full of events at Stockhom International Swimming Club. To adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we reduced our indoor activities and instead organized more events in the open water. We really enjoyed every moment! Here are some of our achievements and memories from our summer activities!

Open water swimming camps

This year, we offered 2 Open water swimming camps

What is an open water swimming camp? Basically, it’s an intensive one-week course in the open water that consists of 5 sessions held over 5 days with activities geared toward students’ swimming levels and abilities. The course covers open water swimming as well as basic water safety. Our experienced and qualified coaches teach you what to do if you see someone in trouble in the water and how to try to help them without injuring yourself.

These skills are important for everyone to learn, especially for people living in Stockholm, the city on water. The first camp held in July was tailored for beginners and the second, which was held in August, was for more advanced swimmers. Watch our video about our open water swimming camp!

Video by Our Magical Studio

Drop-in open water swimming lessons

This year, we tried a new format for open water swimming lessons – drop-in classes! We advertised in our social media channels and invited people to just show up at the beach at a certain time for a lesson with one of our enthusiastic coaches. In addition to making it easy to participate, we also introduced the option to pay by Swish. Necessity is the mother of invention, indeed!

Workshop on open water safety

Knowledge about open water safety is extremely important for anyone living in Sweden, since the sea and lakes are never far away and aquatic activities are so popular. Many people spend a lot of time on or near lakes and the sea. But how many know how to do it safely?

We organized a workshop on open water safety so that more people could learn life-saving skills. Participants got a chance not only to learn important open water safety rules but also to practice new skills in the open water!

Custom swimming courses for organizations

This summer, we also started working on customized swimming courses for companies and organizations. We all know that exercise is essential for physical and mental health, even more so now that so many people are working from home and their physical activity has decreased.

We develop training options in open water for beginners, intermediate or advanced swimmers. The dates of the courses and lesson times are tailored to each company’s needs as is the frequency of classes or training. We’ve already started working with IBM and look forward to continuing with other companies. Contact us for more information or an offer!

As you can see, we were busy this summer! We welcomed many new members and heard great things from our students who participated in our open water activities. Summer 2020 was amazing and we’re now looking forward to the next open water season!

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