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We talk so much about swimming in Stockholm, but one of the side of swimming is joyful bathing in Stockholm.

Temperature is getting higher each day. So it is time to get ready and know the options about bathing in Stockholm. As people, addicted to swimming , we can guarantee by our own experience that it is safe (clean water) and popular (with locals and visitors alike) to enjoy swimming and sunbathing in Stockholm during summer days!

There are several options within the city as well as many outside of the city, though still easy to get to.

Two of the most popular beaches in the city are Smedsuddsbadet and Långholmens Bad and they actually face each other across the water with the former located on the southern coast of the island of Kungsholmen and the latter located on the northern coast of Långholmen island.


swimming Stockholm

This family-friendly sandy beach is a must for many city-dwellers during the summer. A huge lawn leads down to a sandy beach, and it even has the obligatory korvkiosk and ice-cream stand! Although this is one of the best places to swim and sunbathe in the inner city – it is also popular among Stockholm’s Canada Goose  population – so  you might want to take an extra look before you unroll your towel on the ground. Just sayin’.

Location: Kungsholmen, (T-bana Thorildsplan). For a map click here.


swimming in stockholm

Across the water from Smedsuddsbadet, this tiny but pleasant beach can be found on the island of Långholmen. Less spacious than its neighbour across the water, it is still one of the most popular beaches in the city. Also close to the Långholmen Inn’s summer café, where it is possible to purchase ice-cream and kanelbullar and other necessities for a successful day at the beach.

Location: Långholmen (T-bana Hornstull). For a map, click here.

Other options can be:


swimming in Stockholm

This is a rocky beach and you access the water from the cliffs – so not entirely child-friendly. However, it is well worth a visit if you just want a picnic on the cliffs or are an experienced swimmer. Although there are jetties, the water is very deep. With views over lake Mälaren, this is a haven for those seeking refuge from noisy children and they really take their bathing experience seriously – there’s even a club. 

Location: Kungsholmen (T-bana Kristineberg). For a map click here.


swimming in stockholm

Mostly frequented by families with children and groups of students. A small and pleasant swimming area in wooded surroundings. No kiosk though – so bring your own picnic or walk up to Lappis (student accommodation area) where there is an ICA if desperate for another kanelbulle …or three.

Location: Northern Djurgården. Nearest t-bana is Universitet (red line) then hop on the Roslagsbanan to Frescati. Alternatively bus 40 stops very close to the beach. Map can be found here. 

If you want to make your day more touristic, go to some near island.

Fjäderholmarnas bad

swimming Stockholm

The swim-friendly rocks of Stockholm’s nearest archipelago island, is only 25 minutes by boat from Slussen or Nybroplan.

Situated right in the inlet of Stockholm and boasting a slogan that, in Swedish, reads “Stockholm’s closest archipelago island”, you could almost swim to this place. With a history of drunken sailors staggering around between bars before boarding for their next voyage, the mood these days is somewhat more family oriented. Tourists mixed with children balancing ice-cream cones, and the main jetty with restaurants lined up can get quite crowded on summer days.

But the island which opens for business at the end of April is big enough for a short walk. And it is actually possible to experience some sort of archipelago feeling here, even though you may have to search a little for it. For the brave, head off to the cliffs to have a swim in the mildly salty water of the Baltic Sea.

A good alternative if you are pressed for time, the voyage to Fjäderholmarna takes about 25-30 minutes.

Well and, of course, our favorite place to swim is summer is near of our base swimming pool Haga Health Club.


swimming Stockholm

A swimming beach in Frescati Hage at Brunnsviken in the Ekoparken park. There are also charming inlets and beaches near Haga Park for experienced swimmers. Walk or take the subway to the Universitetet station.

If you are still with fear of open water, we recommend you to get some intensive course for adults.

Or choose more comfortable artificial bathing spot.


swimming in Stockholm

For those who want to swim outdoors, but not necessarily in nature, there’s always Eriksdalsbadet on Södermalm. Pay entry and enjoy four outdoor swimming pools, nice lawn areas and a sauna. In the area you can also play beach volleyball and barbecue.

Remember that, no matter of air temperature, the water can be on the cool side. But it is question of getting used to. 🙂


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