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Burkinis 101

Many of our students have come to us with questions about modest swim attire for Muslim women, including What kind of swimwear exists for Muslim women? Where can I find these? What do they cost?, etc. With today’s blog post, I hope to provide a comprehensive guide into the current status of modest swim attire for Muslim women!

What kind of swimwear exists for Muslim women?

Currently, the most popular option is the burkini. This is a two-piece swimsuit, which provides full-body coverage, except for the face, hands, and feet. In addition to the two-piece top and pants, most burkinis include a detachable Hijab, which covers a woman’s hair. The traditional burkini offers just as much coverage as a normal wetsuit and swim cap. Burkinis are usually made out of light fabrics ideal for swimming and athletic performance. Not only are burkinis ideal for those desiring a swimsuit with modesty and extensive coverage, but also for women desiring UV protection when swimming outdoors.

In addition to traditional burkinis, burkinis with varying levels of coverage have been developed. These “half” or semi-coverage suits” often do not cover a woman’s legs from the knees down, and are either sleeveless or short-sleeve.

Where can I find these? What do they cost?

I did some research about where burkinis can be bought in Sweden. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about burkinis:

ProductStore/websiteCoveragePrice (SEK)Picture
ZOGGS W Sandon Full Suit
StadiumFull (includes top, pants, and detachable hijab)1299
ARENA W Full SuitStadiumFull (includes top with hijab attached, and pants)799
ARENA W Full Suit Ii
StadiumFull (includes top with hijab attached, and pants)799
SOFIA – MINKlyraswimwear.comFull (Includes swim top, leggings, detachable swim skirt, and swim cap/turban)1123

Burkini dam svart Lane4
Simbutiken.seFull coverage  (loose-fitting model)899

RanunaAnthracite – Unlined – Half Covered Switsuits
Modanisa.comSemi-coverage  (Short-sleeved shirt with capri-length leggings and swim cap)878

DecathlonSimilar to half-coverage burkini, with long-sleeved top and capri-length leggings279

So to sum everything up, 

burkinis are a great way to allow women looking for fuller-coverage swimsuits to embrace both modesty and athleticism-because we shouldn’t let our swim attire requirements prevent us from pursuing the sport of swimming. The websites of many Swedish sports stores, such as XXL, Decathlon, and Intersport did not appear to have traditional burkinis for sale. However, Stadium had three different full coverage burkinis, which you can easily order online or check if there are any in stores near you. Also, Decathlon had a semi-coverage burkini-like swimsuit for a very affordable price.  Multiple online stores, both Swedish and international, offer varieties of different burkinis, which range in price and coverage. For a more fashionable burkini, check out Lyra Swimwear. For a great variety of different levels of coverage, visit Modanisa. Both Lyra and Modanisa ship to Sweden! For a more local buy with free shipping, see Simbutiken.

Let the burkini shopping begin!

Written by: Coach Milla

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