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Gearing up to start swimming

So, you want to start swimming? Amazing! And even better if you’re going to learn with us!

Swimming is a fun sport and a great way to relax. It’s low impact, which means it’s easy on the joints. And it works virtually all muscle groups. Not only that, it’s a lifestyle – for many of us at SISC, the water is our second home.

No matter what your plan, we’ve got you covered with our list of what you need to start swimming.

Bathing suit
Look for a quality suit made with high-performance fabric (we like Speedo and Arena) that will stand up to frequent wear and chlorine. And make sure it fits comfortably when you move around. There are lots of choices from shorts and one-piece suits to sports bikinis, triathlon suits and burkinis (read our burkini guide here)

Bathing cap
Even if you don’t have long hair, a cap will keep hair out of your face, reduce drag and make you more hydrodynamic. Caps also help keep earplugs in (if you use them) and keep the pool clean. In open water, a cap will also make you more visible. Opt for latex or silicone, use an elastic to tie back long hair and wet your hair before putting the cap on.

Goggles and red bathing cap
Goggles also protect wearers of contact lenses.

Goggles allow you to see underwater and protect your eyes from chlorine. They also help you see other swimmers in the pool, so they’re important for safety. Finding the right fit takes some trial and error, so once you find goggles you like, buy two pairs! Read more about how to care for goggles here

Wearing sandals keeps your feet clean and prevents slipping. Just choose a model with no fabric elements, otherwise you won’t be able to wear them with socks (they’ll get soggy) and it will take a long time for them to dry between swims.

Unless there’s towel service at the pool (we’ll let you know), you’ll need a towel. Micro-fiber towels are great, though we’ve learned that nothing beats a huge terrycloth towel after a winter swim. Also, remember to bring an extra towel to sit on in the sauna!  

Dry bag/plastic bag
A plastic bag for your wet bathing suit and towel makes for easy transport home.  

Water bottle
You sweat more than you think when you swim, so make sure to always bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.  

Red water bottle in woods
Stay hydrated!

Other good-to-have items

Always shower with soap before entering the pool and afterwards. We’ll let you know if shampoo/shower gel is provided at your pool.

Sanitary items
Use a tampon or menstrual cup to swim while on your period.

We’ll let you know if a padlock is provided at the pool.

Clean socks and undies
Most people probably only ever forget to bring clean underwear once. And without sounding like a parent, we’d like to remind everyone to pack extra underwear and socks, especially for if your socks get wet in the change room!

Swimming burns a lot of calories, so it’s good to fuel up before and after a swim. A piece of fruit, yogurt, sandwich or power bar will usually do the trick!

Oxana waving in outdoor pool
See you in the pool!

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