How to Assemble Swedish Swim Goggles Malmsten

Swedish goggles are a classic and popular type of swimming goggles worn by many competitive swimmers. The original Swedish goggles were produced by the Swedish company Malmsten AB and were first designed in the 1970s. Swedish goggles influenced many other goggle designs and generic Swedish goggles are widely available. Malmsten claims that Swedish goggles are “probably the worlds most copied swim goggles.”

Swedish goggles are notable for a lack of a gasket or seal around the eye cup, as found on most other goggles. They come in various colors including clear, black, blue, green, red, amber, pink, silver metallic and bronze metallic. Swedish goggles are relatively low cost, with basic goggles costing less then 100 SEK retail and metallic goggle costing less then 200 SEK.

Much of the popularity of Swedish goggles is due to their customizable fit. The goggles are sold unassembled, with each goggle set including a pair of eye cups, one long (around 36″) latex rubber strip, and a nose piece consisting of string that fits inside a plastic or rubber tube. Swimmers may choose a single or double head strap, and some choose to cut a small piece of latex from the head strap for use as a nose piece.


The first step in building a set of Swedish goggles is to construct a nose piece.

Thread one end of the string through the small hole on the inside of one lens.

Thread both ends of the string through the blue nose-piece.

Thread one end of the string through the second lens, and tie a knot.

Slide the string around to hide the knot inside the nose-piece. (Hey, they’re starting to look like goggles!)

Push one end of the rubber strap through the hole on the outside edge of one lens. Do the same with the other end of the strap and the other lens.

Tie the strap in a knot.

If you need to tighten your Swedes, untie the knot in the rubber strap and re-tie it further from the ends of the strap. If you need to loosen the goggles, untie the knot and re-tie it closer to the ends of the strap.
Once you have tied the strap at a comfortable length you can cut off the extra.
Put on your new goggles and jump into the swimming pool with Stockholm International Swimming Club!


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