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Too late to learn to swim?

We truly believe swimmers are not born, but are made. So obviously the answer is that is never too late to learn to swim!

If you got past childhood without learning how to swim, it’s very possible that you’re now stricken with fear/embarrassment at the prospect. Yes, it’s really hard to learn things as adults that for children require basically no work (like learning new languages , cycling, etc). But don’t let either of those emotions keep you from being your best self! Anyone can learn to swim, even past the age where it would have been an easily acquired skill.

Being comfortable in the water is not only a life safety skill, but one that will very much better your quality of life. Check our post about how water therapy is real thing that works, or how swimming strengthens your core muscles.

But the most amazing thing is that you are feeling happy in the water. Probably because t’s basically the closest you can get to returning to the safety of your mother’s womb.

And while it might be easier to find a yoga studio than a pool these days, the zen you’ll feel after you start being able to do laps is so much greater than mastering the crow pose.

The rule is: no matter how old are you, a class in necessary.

The thing to remember, first and foremost, is that there are lots of people like you. A good instructor will teach you to have a general sense of comfort with the water, how to exhale under water by blowing bubbles, where to put your head under water, and how to kick using kickboards. Put it all together and, before you realize it, there you are! You’re swimming.

If you need inspiration, this lovely New York Times video about Attis Clopton, a 33-year-old man who overcame his phobia of swimming, is a great place to start.

It is never too late to start to learn how to swim. And we have 100 proofs right now, our 100 students from 2015 to 2018 who started to learn from 0. Many of them with real fear of the water. And now they are not only swimming, they are enjoying swimming.

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