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Swimming when pregnant

Swimming is one of the best exercises for you if you are expecting. In the pool you weigh only a 10th of what you do on land, water is soothing and there is no negative impact on your joints.  It is a great way to keep you fit, prepare for delivery and just make you feel better in your gentle state!
Swimming helps to:

  • improve circulation
  • boost heart and lung function
  • increase muscle tone and strength
  • build endurance
  • reduce swelling and fluid retention
  • burn calories, which helps to manage weight gain
  • promote relaxation and good sleep
  • fend off fatigue
  • ease aches and pains

However, if you have never been swimming that much before it can be great to get some tips to exercise in the pool safely and effectively both for you and your baby.

This is why we developed a workshop specifically for pregnant women who wish to pick up swimming. During this workshop we will go through a set of exercises you can perform in the pool throughout your pregnancy. It includes a cardio warmup, a traditional lap-based swimming workout and a nice and relaxing cool down in the water.

We will talk about and demonstrate:

  1. Breathing exercises and how to breath while swimming correctly and safely.
  2. Swimming against pregnancy related pains and aches. Which moves, drills and strokes are best to perform while you are pregnant to ease back pain and other discomforts.
  3.  Swimming as a gentle cardio workout. You get a program you can follow on your own.
  4. Floating and relaxing techniques.

The goal is to provide you with knowledge of how to perform a fun, challenging and yet safe pregnancy swimming workout. If you decide to later on to continue with learning new techniques and strokes, make sure to do it only under supervision, we can recommend one of our other programs.

The length of the workshop is 1 hour, out of which 45 mins we are going to spend in the water. We are going to exercise in a small group of no more than 6 people. You can participate at any stage of your pregnancy.

Price: 350 SEK 

Pregnancy workshops this summer:

4th of July, 16:00

10th of July, 12:00

Preliminary location:  Vanadisbadet, we will relocate if the weather is not sunny and warm enough.

Things to keep in mind:

–  If you can’t swim at all, i.e. unable to hold yourself above the water and/or afraid to be on the deep end, it might be better to postpone swimming workouts until after you had your baby.

– Make sure to check back with your midwife if it’s OK for you to exercise during pregnancy. Swimming is generally allowed for everybody, but it is extremely important for us to know your limitations, if there are any.