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10 reasons you should learn to swim

Female swimmer in black bathing suit, red goggles, white cap, blowing bubbles underwater while doing freestyle

It’s no secret — we LOVE swimming! And in addition to teaching people to swim, we want to inspire others to love swimming as much as we do.  

Our courses are designed to help adults feel comfortable in the water and learn lifesaving skills as they develop their strokes, whether they’re learning to swim to stay fit, enjoy the water with their kids, try other water sports, train for a specific event or just splash around and have fun.

Here are just some of the reasons we think everyone should learn to swim!

1. It’s a lifesaving skill
Learning to swim is great life insurance for you and your family, especially if you live close to water. And most swimming lessons also include many aspects of water safety that can save your life — or someone else’s.

2. It’s great for overall health
Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise that tones your muscles and burns lots of calories. Working out in water also provides resistance that builds strength. 

3. It’s low impact
Swimming is easy on the joints, making it perfect for anyone injured from other sports as well as for people who are pregnant or older. The water supports the body, making swimming a great way to stay in shape without risk of injury. 

4. It works all your muscles 
Swimming uses the muscles in your arms, legs, back and core. It also targets many areas like your lats, traps and deltoids that often don’t get attention when you do other sports like running and cycling. 

5. It’s a gateway to other experiences
It’s easier to feel included when you can fully enjoy being in and around the water with others. Not only that, learning to swim opens up a variety of other water-related sports like water polo, synchro, scuba, snorkelling, wild swimming, paddling and even underwater hockey!

6. It’s relaxing
Aside from satisfied feeling you’ll have after a swim workout, swimming is meditative and reduces stress. Being underwater is also a nice way to escape the fast pace of modern life.   

7. It’s social
Our students already know that our courses are also a fantastic way to meet people and make new friends. But even if you don’t swim with us, the pool is a relaxing environment where you can strike up a conversation in your lane, train with a swim club or just chat with fellow swimmers in the sauna. 

8. It boosts energy
Like other types of exercise, swimming energizes you. In our opinion, it’s the best way to feel alive! 

9. It’s a skill everyone can learn 
Anyone can learn to swim, regardless of ability. And swimming is an activity you can enjoy your entire life.

10. It’s joyful!
Quite simply, swimming is fun! Need we say more?

Learn to swim with us this spring! Check out our courses and sign up for our newsletter to be first to know when new sessions start!

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