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Lessons from Swimming- why do YOU swim?

Swimming is great for many reasons. Apart from being great physical activity that can help you either stay in shape or get into shape, it is also a great mental exercise. There is something special about being in the water. It provides an adrenaline rush like no other yet it is calming at the same time. Of course in swimming you have to stay alert in order to survive but there is also an element of tranquillity in the water such as when you are gliding through the water or floating carelessly on your back. Undoubtedly swimming is a challenge in itself but it is also a great opportunity for one to find composure.

I’ve always found swimming fascinating in that aspect – no matter what was going on in my life outside of swimming I have repeatedly been able to shut things out and enter a ‘tunnel vision’ mind-set. Sometimes I believe I do some of my best thinking in times of high intensity – a place where competitive swimming took me very often. There is an adrenaline rush coupled with motivation that excites me in the sport of swimming. Competitions made me experience this at the highest rate however it was the training sessions that gave me the rush day after day.

It is an excitement that carries over to other aspects of life. When you improve your performance in a training session from the last time, or even when you hit that target time and qualify for your dream competition that excitement can carry over to your social life, work /school life, etc. Essentially, it is the joy of getting results back from the work you put in. There is no better reward and you will find this can translate to other parts of your life.

Of course swimming is not only for those who want to compete and train at the highest level. As mentioned swimming is a great physical activity that can help your cardio-vascular health, can rehab old injuries and prevent new ones, and overall help you keep your mind and body healthy. From beginner to competitive swimmers, the sport can be a place of release, a place of development and improvement, and an activity where one can feel the power of trying something different.

So why do YOU swim?

New to swimming? No problem! Everybody starts somewhere. Take the first step and join our club and see the benefits for yourself. We offer different courses that you can read about on our site or you can follow us on social media to stay updated.

What better way to start the year off with a new goal.

See you in the pool!

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