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This week training plan

Hello fellow swimmers and triathletes.


Kick-off bike ride: 32km to Drottningholm. Ekerö is a beautiful place to train your biking, check it out!




This week we are focusing on gaining distance and keeping the pace. Try this training set if you are struggling to crawl for longer.

warm up
100m breaststroke
100m crawl kick
100m crawl

main set (pyramid swim)
100m crawl, rest for 30 sec
200m crawl, rest for 30 sec
300m crawl, rest for 1 min
100m breast or backstroke, rest for 30 sec
400m crawl

cool down
200m any stroke



This week’s running goal is 5km in under 35mins. 

Do you want to train with us? Join us on Facebook to sign up for training events:


2 thoughts on “This week training plan”

  1. Running, hiking, biknig, stairmaster, Melts the pounds off quick. Drink only water and some high protein, low carb foods, and the pounds melt off quick.

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