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Why swim with SISC

Everyone says they’re the best. And while we don’t want to boast, we can say that do things a bit differently than other swimming schools.

Our story began in 2015 when our co-founders decided to start their own swimming school building on their own experience teaching swimming for other clubs in Stockholm. Here’s what we think sets us apart:

  • Warm, relaxing learning environments: We love public pools. But we think absolute beginners learn better in more relaxing environments. This is why we teach at smaller pools like Haga Health Club in Solna, just outside of Stockholm. This way, you can learn to swim and relax in the sauna and spa after a long day at work.
  • Semi-individual coaching: To maximize learning, we think the ideal number of students a coach should instruct is 5. But we wanted to do even better. So we aim to have 1 coach for every 3-4 students in our lessons. This usually means 2 coaches and 4-5 people per group. This way, the group can be divided into even smaller groups to focus on specific skills. Not only that, we send each swimmer personal feedback after every lesson.
  • Longer lessons: Most swimming lessons are 45 minutes. Ours are one full hour. These 15 minutes make a huge difference, we promise!
  • Intensive courses: Our most popular beginners’ course is intensive and lasts 3 weeks. And all of our swimmers manage to swim after just 6 lessons. We understand that our students sometimes live far from the pool and want to learn fast so they can continue swimming closer to home (though most stay with us for our Continuation course, which makes us happy).
  • Instruction in English: We teach in English (as well as Swedish for our Vattenstart participants). This is appreciated by students who perhaps didn’t learn to swim in their home countries before moving to Sweden. So instead of having to practice a new language, you can really focus on learning to swim.
  • Fantastic coaches: We aim to attract the most experienced, professional and dedicated coaches. And our swimmers think we’ve succeeded!