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Gilla Vatten/For Schools

We at Stockholm International Swimming Club assist teens and adults to challenge and overcome the fear of water (aquaphobia). Our hope is that every individual who seek help from us shall grow into a fearless happy swimmer.

Coach Anna Lindegren, Brainswim-method trained and educated (organized by Gilla Vatten), will participate in every phase throughout the program.  After completion of the course, they will be ready to confidently take swimming lessons…and enjoy it!

The Brainswim course is comprised of eight classes designed for youngsters [11-18], and our coaches work with individuals and groups up to four.

As a school or non–profit organization, you can contact the swim hall closest to you and book a time with any of our coaches.

Tip: book a pool that is 27 degrees or higher…and book it for at least three times per week.

To book a coach, click that link below!

Price for 8 classes for one coach: 2400 sek.


*The Brainswim method was developed by three-time Olympic Australian Swimmer Shane Gould and her husband Milton Nelms—internationally recognized authority in swimming techniques and athlete development.



Anna’s diploma


Shane Gould and Anna Lindegren

Shane Gould and Anna Lindegren

Milt Nelms

Milt Nelms


Milton Nelms, Shane Gould, Susane.