Our team

Anna Kazakova coach

Anna K. Lindegren, co-founder

Anna started swimming at age 20 to recover from surgery. Hiring a coach was the key to her success. Today, she’s a swim coach and licensed lifeguard (Swedish Lifesavers Association (SLS), 2013).  She has also swum the Bosphorus channel (6.5 km), competed in the Stockholm Triathlon and participated in Stockholms Simmet (3.3 km). Anna has also taught swimming at SSIF, the City of Stockholm, Kamishi Swim and SLS Gotland Summer Swimming School. Together with Oxana, she founded the club in 2015.

Home is where the pool is.

Oxana Lundström, co-founder

Oxana started swimming when she was 11 and just can’t get enough of it. She started competing in the 1990s for the Moscow Youth Swimming League and today, she’s a Masters swimmer and open water enthusiast. She won silver in the freestyle relay in Stockholm VM 2014 and also participated in Riddarfjärdssimningen 2014 and Stockholms Simmet 2015 (3.3 km). Oxana is also a trained lifeguard and has been coaching aspiring swimmers since 2013. Together with Anna, she founded SISC in 2015.  In addition to coaching, Oxana also has 3 children and can give advice on training during pregnancy as well as postpartum swimming.

Swimming is an opportunity to be one with nature and to feel truly alive.

Peter Norris, coach

Peter grew up surrounded by water and got his Bronze Medallion in secondary school while also swimming, windsurfing and sailing on the West Australian coast. He worked for 3 years as a lifeguard and AUST-Swim qualified swimming teacher in Australia for beginners. Besides swimming, Peter has traveled through Asia, surfing in Indonesia and Sri Lanka and mountaineering in the Indian Himalayas (Sikkim). He has a Masters in Disaster Risk Management from Lund University with a specialization in multicultural collaboration.

Languages: Peter teaches in English and is learning Swedish and Russian.

Swimming uses every muscle in our bodies.

swimming coach StockholmHo-Yi Law, coach

Ho-Yi started competing on a swim team when she was 15, eventually finishing first in front crawl and relay competitions. She also worked as a special education teacher and part time as a swimming coach for the 7 years in Hong Kong, training both youths and adults for swimming competitions and helping non-swimmers overcome their fear of the water. Ho-Yi completed the Hong Kong Cross Harbour Race in 2014 and is licensed by the Hong Kong Life Saving Society.

Languages: Ho-Yi can teach in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Running water never grows stale. So you just have to keep on flowing.

Nikolaos Tragotsis, coach

Nikos started swimming at a very early age and hasn’t looked back since. He took part in youth swimming competitions and qualified for the NCSA Junior National Championships in the US and has also competed for the University of Glasgow in the Scottish National Championships and the British University Championships. Nikos is still very much involved in the sport and is passionate about teaching and sharing the joy of swimming.

Languages: Nikos speaks Greek and English and is learning Swedish.

See you in the pool!

Orsolya Tünde Péter-Ács, coach

Orsi has been swimming since primary school both competing in regular and synchronized swimming through high school. She still swims every week and especially enjoys open water swimming. She has also taken part in the annual swim across Lake Balaton in Hungary (5.2 km). Orsi teaches breaststroke, backstroke and crawl. Besides coaching, she works as a geographer.

Languages: Orsi teaches in English and is learning Swedish.

You are only one swim away from a healthier state of body and mind.

Lea Xenia Jöst

Lea is in her element in the water. She learned to swim at a young age in an outdoor cold-water pool and still enjoys wild swimming, seeking out new swimming spots wherever she goes. In addition to swimming, she enjoys free diving. She studied sports in Germany and has taught a variety of activities from swimming and diving to acrobatics and theater. She’s very enthusiastic and believes that everyone can learn to swim.

Languages: Lea can teach in German, English and Swedish and also speaks some French.

Let’s dive right in!

Saima Kivimäki, coach

Saima has been swimming since she was a baby and started competing at age 7, which led her to participate in the Finnish nationals several times. Besides swimming in pools, she loves open water swimming and trains for triathlons. Saima has a swim instructors’ license from the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation and has been teaching both children and adults for the past 4 years.  

Languages: Saima can teach in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Enjoy swimming.

Katerina Gkioni

Katerina has been swimming since she was three. Swimming is her real passion and she hopes one day to go to the Olympics. She competes professionally in the pool and in open water and has competed in many big swim meets around the globe. She loves teaching swimming and is studying medicine since she wants to help people.

Katerina speaks five languages: English, Swedish, Russian, Spanish and Greek.

When the body gets tired, swim with your heart.

Milla Hollmen, coach (currently on leave)

Milla has loved the water since she born and has competed in swimming, attending the Junior Olympics several times as well as other regional competitions. Milla has also played varsity water polo and participated in open water swimming competitions in San Diego. As a trained swim instructor with several years of teaching experience, Milla loves sharing her passion for swimming with others. 

Languages: Milla teaches in English and Finnish.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.