We keep swimming!

According to the World Health Organization, Europe has now become the center of the pandemic. The risk of the coronavirus spreading in Sweden is considered as very high. People have become more worried and… Read More »We keep swimming!

Our precautions against coronavirus

Everyone is discussing coronavirus these days. It’s not surprising that people are worried and want to protect themselves and their families. But it’s important to not cross the line and not to start panicking. We at Stockholm International Swimming Club want to inform our current and future students about what we do to protect our students, keep our lessons save and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Sweden.

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Winter Swimming in Sweden

Do you know how to swim? Are you looking for a new experience in Sweden? We have a nice idea for you! Winter swimming can be super exciting challenge full of fun.

Health Benefits of Winter Swimming

Health benefits of winter swimming have been scientifically proven. This activity increases feel-good hormones, reduces stress and improves sleep (unless you have heart or blood circulation problems, which means swimming in ice-cold water should be avoided).

Cold water causes constriction of the blood vessels, which allows your body to retain heat, and the blood pressure increases to avoid cooling down. In the process to protect the body, hormones such as endorphins are released and act as a pain relief (as well as an antidepressant) for a few hours. As a result, winter bathers are known to lead more active lives and are generally happier and more fulfilled than other people.

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Christmas gift for swimmer

Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers 2019

With Christmas right around the corner, the all-too-familiar “holiday gift” anxiety is increasing as well. Questions like What in the world should I get them? Will they like my present? start running through our minds, causing unneeded stress during the holiday season. However, with this Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers, I hope to present simple solutions to your gift-giving worries!

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Our coaches at Swim Open Stockholm

On Saturday, Coach Saima and I (Milla Holmen)got the chance to spectate the Swim Open Stockholm competition, which was the third leg of the Nordic Swim Tour. The Nordic Swim Tour is a three weekend long competition featuring meets in three Nordic cities- Helsinki, Bergen, and lastly, Stockholm. These meets brought some of the world’s BEST swimmers, including Sarah Sjӧstrom, Katinka Hosszú, and other Olympic swimmers and world record holders, all to the same pool, and needless to say, was quite the event to watch.

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