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Wrap-up of our annual open water swimming camps 2023

As we enter the final week of our annual SISC open water swimming camps this summer it is a good time to reflect on the great time we have had so far teaching both previous and new students in our swimming club.

In our beginners course (Swimming 101) we focused on teaching basic water safety skills and introducing breastroke to students. We covered the importance of holding a good body position on top of the water (back and front), proper techniques regarding exhaling and inhaling in and out of the water (bubbles), and finally practiced full ranges of motion as we pieced the breastroke pull, kick, and breathing together (timing). We also did some jumps off the side of the pier into the deep end and swam breastroke to the surface! Keep it up swimmers!

In our intermediate course (Swimming 102) we focused on helping our students get to the next level and become even more confident swimmers. We reviewed some of the basic water safety skills along with the breastroke and then moved on to teaching the front crawl. We were also able to reach some milestones with this group! Students swam in deep water as they built their endurance in breastroke and crawl and improved their efficiency in the water. Well done everyone!

We even had an advanced crawl course in the beginning of the season with a focus on building endurance and learning about different strategies specific to open water swimming. We received feedback that these students are looking to continue to swim as part of their training regimen and sign-up for future swimming/triathlon events!

Thank you to all of our swimming instructors that taught during the camps and of course well done to all of our participants this year! And remember – keep swimming!

See you next year!

*new courses in the pool starting September 2023 will be announced in mid-August – email to reserve your spot

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