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6 reasons to join SISC

Everyone claims to be the best, so how are we different?
It is not too respectful to say that we are better than others, so we are just going to tell you our pros and differences. The right to make the conclusions is yours!

Our story began in 2015 when our co-founder coaches decided to create own school with a “better” teaching system based on their own teaching experience in other swimming clubs.

We implemented our most important conditions:

  1. The swimming pool for adult beginners should be warm, cozy and make people feel calm and peaceful. Most municipal swimming pools are good for swimmers, but not ideal for absolute beginners. We were looking after such “a beginner pool” for adults and we found it in Haga Health Club in Solna. You can not only learn how to swim there, but you can also relax after an intensive working day.
  2. Lessons should have semi individual coaches’ assistance. We don’t want to say impossible, but it is very difficult to teach if a coach has 10 adult students at the same time. In our opinion, a comfortable teaching process can be achieved if one coach has a maximum of 5 students. But we wanted to do things even better. We started having our courses with one coach for every 3-4 students. But now, we have 4 (sometimes 5) students and 2 coaches, so it makes it easier to work with different capacities, because our coaches can divide the group in mini groups of ONLY 2 people. We also send class’s recapitulation and personal feedback to each student after every lessons.
  3. Lessons in our school last one hour, not the usual 45 minutes. We promise, these 15 minutes make a huge difference!
  4. Our courses are intensive: the most popular course in our school for beginners lasts 3 weeks. We take into consideration the fact that some people live far away from the venue and we understand that it is important to learn fast. Then they can improve on their own in any other swimming pool near their place of living or job. (Here we should say that more than 50% of our beginners stay with us and also do “Continuation” course- which makes us super happy.)
  5. Our courses are in English. Swimming is mandatory in the Swedish school system. However, many adults who come from other countries are already “out of the system” in terms of learning to swim. Many migrants have never lived next to the water nor been able to learn to swim as kids, because in their countries they didn’t have any resources to learn it. It is difficult to practice 2 things in the same time: a new language and new skills. So we decided to run our courses in English, so our students can relax about their Swedish level and just learn swimming.
  6. We really believe that we have the best coaches: professional, dedicated and patient.

Be brave and start learning now! We will do our best to help you. Remember that all absolute beginners, who joined us, managed to swim after 6 lessons! You won’t be an exception!

2 thoughts on “6 reasons to join SISC”

  1. Hi,

    I am new to swimming. Can I join Adult beginner course? Please let me know when is the next immediate course starting. I would love to join soon.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

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