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Open Water Safety Camp 2019

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.
  • August 12, 2019 - August 17, 2019
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Laying on the beach sipping cocktails doesn’t sound like a good vacation plan? We have something for you, my friend! This summer we are arranging an intensive one week Open Water Safety camp for beginners. A chance to get introduced to the open water in a safe way together with our coaches, only to fall in love with it forever.

As we love goal setting, this camp will be special, we finish with swimming Swedish Open Water Swimming qualitifcation, – 200 meters at the Riddarfjärdsimning. The start is by the beautiful Stockholm City Hall. However, this is of course, not a requirement! You go at your own pace!

This camp is the perfect opportunity for those who are just starting their path in the open water. Ideally, you have done 1-2 courses with us, or can swim at least 15 meters in the pool without stopping.

We will go through the basics of behaviour in the open water in Sweden and starting from the shore exercises, eventually venture on short swims. We will improve on our breaststroke technique, – the most important swimming stoke for your safety in the water. But also get to try some crawl basics.

We meet every afternoon at Brunnsbikens strandbad , – the beach just across the shore from Haga Health Club where our beginner classes take place. We swim in any weather, getting used to the Swedish summer can be tough but rewarding! OBS! Price of the course includes a wetsuit to stay comfortably warm in the water, but we will definetely try without as well!


We want to help you get better with your swimming stroke (adapted to your current level of swimming) and at the same time cover safety and give you tools to forge on your own open water swims later.

Our program will include the following modules:

Module 1 Open water conditions and environment, weather & currents.

Module 2 Effortless breaststroke or backstroke. How to swim for a long time in the open water and not get tired?

Module 3 Crawl breathing and sighting in the open water. How to swim faster in the open water.

Module 4 Basics of lifesaving in the open water. Secondary drowning and what to do in case of emergency.

Module 5 Longer swims. Breaststroke & crawl. Building endurance. Your personal training plan for your goals.

Depending on your current level and ambition we will adapt the program to your needs, but everyone will for sure get more friendly and confident swimming in natural water


Time 12/08 13/08 14/08 15/08 16/08 17/08
16:00-17:30 Open Water swimming session Open Water swimming session Open Water swimming session Open Water swimming session Open Water swimming session 200 m swim at Riddärfjärden. Picknick together

Price and what’s included

The price for the camp is 2950 SEK and includes: 

  • 7 hours in the Open Water with a coach
  • goodiebag from Stockholm Swimming Club with swimming essentials
  • wetsuit personally ordered for you (worth ~1000 SEK)
  • guidance at your first ever Open Water Swimming mini-race
  • picknick lunch after the race

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